Saturday, 24 January 2009

A wise person once said that the best way to make god laugh was to tell him your plans. I'm a planner and a dreamer so I hope that doesn't hold true.

After this year of university I plan to walk away with my degree into a job. Not sure what job yet, I'm not even sure it matters all that much. I just want employment and to get into the routine of work and home. Then I plan to set aside the majority of my time at home to finish all the things I want to, draw more, write the stories in my head.

Now when I get a spare moment I go over my notes or dip into a course book. I find them interesting, sure, but I miss my other hobbys. I want my shelves to be lined with dog eared anatomy and fiction books again. I want to be mapping out plot sequences and fleshing out charaters again.

My plan after university and getting a job is to write the book I've been playing with for the past year. I won't make any solid plans later than that, just finishing university seems a difficult enough task.

I finished the essay, and am currently analysing my data for my dissertation, its due in the end of april. I can't begin to quantify how relived I'll feel after its finished and handed in, I've half a mind to declare it the new christmas.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Brain is essay-writing damaged

Almost finished my essay, one more step to finish analysing then the conclusion. Then of course I have to print it out and go through it making sure I plug it full of as many references as possible and don't leave out anything important. Fun, or it will be once I finally get to cross it off my to do list. I get an absurb amount of joy crossing essays off my to do list.

Oh, and my timetable happens to change this week so I have three of my four subjects on tuesday and the other tucked away on friday. Thats solid lectures and seminars from 10.30am to 5.00pm, minus a small half hour to pop to the libary most likely. Going to be so tiring.

Getting through the work slowly.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Seesh its cold

Sat next to the radiator, but its still freezing. I think mainly because of whatever genius decided the best place for the single sheeted cracked drafty window was right above said radiator. When I buy a house of my own I'm going to have a lovely open fireplace to huddle by and insulate the building to the extreme. Underfloor heating also sounds intriging right now.

I've got a test next wednesday, another hurdle to hop over but it'll cross something else off the things to do list.

Managed to finish that cognition essay over christmas, now I've got to tackle the next one on my list, a lovely 1200 word behavioural modification assignment. The lecturer doesn't want us to start it for another couple of weeks, but I just want it over with. I want to get to the stage where I have no more assignments looming over me for this year.

Currently I have two 1200 word assignments, a group work and a delightful 9000 word dissertation. Happy days. On the brighter side, the last essay takes me up to a 1000 word research proposal, a 1000 word critical essay and two 2000 word essays completed.

My goal is to have every single written work completed by the end of april or sooner, giving me a good month exam prep time. Also planning to start applying for some jobs about that time to see if I can secure something for when I graduate.

Its a topsy turvey time for me, but with some work, it should sort itself out.
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