Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ideas can be dangerous

Heres something new. Graduation coming up I've been thinking about careers and mentioning my skills and interests someone mentioned something I'd never even considered before, law enforcement. So as I always do with a new idea, I researched it.

I love puzzles, patterns and behaviour, as in obsessively. Sure your mind automatically goes to something to do with maths and statistics. I've tried those, I must have been the only one in my class who loved algerbra it just seemed so simple. Sudoku was also very straight forward and tackled quickly when given a book a while ago. However one tiny detail lies in the way of me embracing a career of maths; its boring.

Its just not multilayered enough. Even when I hit a wall where I need to learn a new equation to figuire something out, it still seems the same. My interests have often been more about things I can't understand like behaviour patterns. I like noticing patterns in peoples behaviour, how they walk, talk, hold themselves, what they say, what they do, why, how. I'm logical in breaking down whatever situation I find myself in, looking for the truth, lies and patterns. I also notice details some people miss.

I think if I were to go for a career in law enforcement I would go into it with the idea of a later career in CID, either that or the dog team but likely CID. It would be difficult, particually to start off with. The work of a police officer relies heavily on interpersonal skills. However I think I like the idea of pushing myself to see how much I can do better than hiding out in something less challenging. Therefore its staying in my maybe careers for now.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Finished completely the first draft of my dissertation, it stands at about 7600 words. Sending it off to my family today, if they ever sign into skype. Hopefully they'll give me some feedback before I have to send it to my suprivisor. Also got my exam timetable today, looks like I'll be finished early June. Looking forward to it.

I'm considering writing a book this summer about 'Tips of how to survive university with aspergers syndrome'. Its something I can force myself to write when I get bored, as apposed to writing fiction where I feel I must be in the right mind set to do it justice. It'll depend what kind of employment situation I'm in as well of course.

I'm not looking forward to seeing how well I fare in a interview situation. My certain challenges mean I tend to make a less than perfect first impression. The more comfertable I am with certain people and tasks, the better I am at social behaviour and coordination, but of course a interview doesn't last for the required couple of months for that to happen.

I've applied for four jobs so far and heard back from none as of yet. Kind of hoping I don't hear back from any until I've at least got my dissertation out of the way, but I do need a job. Life appears to be getting rather complicated again, its annoying when that happens.
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