Thursday, 5 February 2009


Today I got the news that I get to start the results section of my dissertation. The worrying part of it how happy that made me. Geek syndrome coming in?

Oh well, I'll keep telling myself its because theres only one more section after this one till I'm finished (with this draft at least).

In other news I applied for two jobs and a HUGE part of me is hoping I don't get them as the idea of an interview is frankly quite terrifying. Their also teaching jobs, I haven't told my family that fact because they would think I couldn't handle it. I think it would take a lot of hard work, but once I got into a routine it might not be so bad.

Every job around requires people skills now. I haven't got that much in that skill department, but I've got a ton of effort. I did public speaking for about three years from effort alone, and a couple of times into it and it wasn't bad at all in fact from all the feedback I did a real good job.

I'll likely look for another job to apply for in a week or so once I've written up my results section and added something more to the methods. The works getting there.

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