Saturday, 21 February 2009

Time for focus

Just finished my complete first draft of my dissertation. Although I haven't done pretties yet like contents and abstract. I've got to have it ready to send in by the week of the 9th of march so my suprivisor can go through it. Its terrifying, I still haven't got enough words for my word limit. Going through it, it seems disconnected and not quite right.

Also got my group presentation next friday, and another group presentation for a different module a bit later. Got to work and keep organised. Set myself the deadline of tuesday to send it off to my mom for her to read through. Its really not making sense to my head right now, but I aim to struggle through. I want this done and over with. I have other work to do, plus I need to secure employment for after university.

I figuire I'll apply for more jobs once I've sent my second draft of my dissertation in.

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