Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Selective memory

One exam over, two to go and seven days of revision left. Throughout the entire exam, and a good while afterwards I had the 'gibberish' song stuck in my head, which I found oddly ironic given the wafflely subject material. Its a good song by relient K that you should certainly check out if you haven't heard it already.

The exam went fine considering, though its one of those that you have no clue about how you did until you actually get the results. I however now, as I always seem to after revising anything with dates in it, have a mind spinning with dates. I revise everything equally, but dates and me, they stick like those little burrs you find for ages clinging to your clothing hours after venturing into long grass. And not one question on dates!

I did manage to sneak in a little bit about the 1876 'crulety to animals act' set up after a enquiry into the clash between Cobbe, a feminist leading a large antivivisectionist movement who put a bill before paliement in 1875 and the quickly followed weaker bill backed by several scientists, sneaky things. It was sort of relevevant to the 1986 animals (scientific procedures) act.

Now I still have the rough dates for the recessiance, the scientific revolution, the enlightenment. Including various legislation, the 1635 act against attatching plows to horses tails, the 1723 "black act" partially used to protect animals from damage as property. What about the marvoulas moral artwork 'the four stages of crulety' in 1750, or the administration of cloreform in 1846 during the queen's labor marking a reduced tolerance to pain. The banning of baiting in 1835, publication of black beauty in 1877. I could go on.

Part of me rather likes having a mind full of dates, so I'm hoping they stick around. I still have most of my darwin related dates from when we went over it a few months ago, so I'm hoping my long term memory chooses to retain these as well. Though it would be even nicer if I actually had a use for them.

Rant over, off to revise for the last two exams.

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