Saturday, 16 May 2009

Hard work is boring

Nothing but revision now, its been that way for over a week and I'm bored. I'm still not sure how on earth I can be so interested in the stuff I'm trying to make stick in my head and yet find it boring at the same time, surely thats unlikely? A friend has suggested I might be running low on steam because of the fact that my revision runs from 10am to 7pm, nine hours, though in reality with ten minutes break every hour its only about seven.

Everyone seems to be feeling it right about now, we're all dropping like flies complaining of illness and tiredness. Healthwise I'm pretty stable, so counting myself lucky unless of course I go down with something just as I'm sitting my exams. Not a good situation, though saying that I was barely concious with flu symptoms when I got one hundred percent on one of the most impossible subjects to get one hundred percent on.

Think I'd rather just get a decent mark and keep my health, less stress, and less tissues.

In total I have seventeen days left of revision, and my first exam for my finals in nine days. In happier news I've already arranged to see wolverine at the cinema with a couple of friends after the exam, hoping it'll be as good as it looks on the trailers.

In much weirder news according to my sister, my mother is boasting about me to everyone, me being the first of her children to complete university and all, though I'm not quite there yet. Thats new, she's a perfectly nice mother but her pride in my academic work, not so much. Not that I do particually badly, my grades are good but my fitting in with the school system has always been terrible.

With the two academically 'brighter' members of my family, my brother and one of my sisters, one has just dropped out of university after two attempts at different courses, and the other the youngest I'm hoping will do better but is too young at the moment to show her true colours. I hope they do well, but all things considered I'm feeling pretty good about my current acheivements in life.


  1. I like what you said,
    "I'm still not sure how on earth I can be so interested in the stuff I'm trying to make stick in my head and yet find it boring at the same time,"'
    It reminds me so much of college life, I had a passion for science but there was so much that was truly boring.
    Study but take care of yourself.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I will be following you, hopefully you will visit or follow me.

  2. Sometimes too much of the same thing is a drag.. just keep to it and not get too stressed and you shall be fine.
    It all depends what you do in your breaks as well because if you doing something that makes you think of work then thats not much of a break.. the best thing to do is just do something really distracting!


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