Sunday, 28 June 2009


is stuttering a little, just a little. I would say I've lost count of how many application forms I've sent out, but being efficient in this instance I've made a list of sent applications in the last couple of weeks. A grand total of 14, it seems much more when you spend so long filling them out, already got the next four application forms nicely lined up to send out and zilch call backs so far.

Lovely, and to add to my problems my lifeline laptop has developed a few worrying niggles I've got to straighten out, waiting on the tools for that so I can't spend as much time on it as I like. Since I use it so much; its my tv, typewriter for fiction and fact pieces, and source of unlimited art practice in case I'm putting across the idea that I surf the net all day, its a big deal, particually as nowadays a large proportion of job application forms are both found online, filled out and submitted electronically.

Moving back home this friday probuly and seesh I hope I can convince my mom I'm not a small child that needs to be monitored and told what to do all the time, it hasn't worked so far, but heres hoping. Haven't seen my mom or one of my little sis's for almost a year, so looking forward to that, also dreading it.

I'm a very solitary person by choice, last person I talked to was general niceities to the checkout guy at my local supermarket a couple of days ago and I like it like that. I like my own space and don't understand human beings need to socialise all the time. So my very social butterfly siblings are likely going to be getting on my nerves while I'm trying to reach my work quota for the day on one of my writing projects, or delving into the sociological theory of criminology - a very interesting topic I bought a book on when my year end exams finished so I'd still get to read something intellectually stimulating over the summer.

I love my family, I really do but I also know I'm going to want to get out of that house as soon as possible. So its back to the application forms for a while I think.

I'm setting myself some projects to carry out this summer, something I love to do.

1.One the main one is to get a job including all the associated find a place nearby to live, etc,

2. I'm also writing a guide book I've been writing for a little while - about 5000 words into that so far

3. Learning a new topic - criminlogy - ten pages a day of my new book, 70 pages in so far

4. Get some driving lessons under my belt

5. Summer work, paid or voluntary - already know where I want to work - it starts near the end of july - if I'm sticking to work that starts september

6. practice my art and read and write fiction - already written almost 8000 words into current downtime story, and I'll be starting reading a new fiction book in a chapter or two.

So, fun times. Lets hope it goes well.

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