Thursday, 9 July 2009

The interview

didn't go as bad as I thought it would. It was filling out all those forms that was the hard part, but the interview itself wasn't as bad as I'd envisioned from all the data I had gathered from television, books and general conversation.

From the vibes I got, though I must admit that reading people I m throughally abismal at, I think I didn't get the job. But on the plus side, I had my first interview, an important learning experience and in theory with the knowledge I've gathered I shouldn't be so completely nervous at my next interview. In theory. I'll know in a week or so whether or not I get the job.

On the other plus side, being that I'm a very positive kind of gal. I've decided that I want a masters degree in forensic psychology, or criminological psychology as I prefer to call it as its a more accurate description of the subject. I've been fishing around for the perfect course I want to do a masters in, as one day I do want a doctorate, likely in evolutionary psychology but wanted to start out with a masters in something a little different that I am still very interested in.

However full time education has really eaten me up, so I do want to see what the big deal is about work and the whole earning a paycheck before I disapear back in for a year or embark on a part time course. That is if I manage to acquire a job in the first place.

I'm also applying for some voluntary work to have something to build up my experience a tad over the summer, thats on tomorrows list of things to do, along with a fair amount of other things. I'm not looking forward to seeing how filled my schedule will be once I acheive emplyment.


  1. Hooray! Criminological psychology is a fascinating field! Is your volunteer work going to be in that area?

  2. Sadly I have yet to come across a voluntary plcement in the criminological psychology field in my local area, so I have applied to monitor a large number of children running around haphazardly during one of those summer activity things they hold over a number of days. My eyes remain peeled though and I am absorbing myself in text books on the subject. Thank you for following my blog.


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