Monday, 27 July 2009

Trials of life

It seems getting a job is more difficult that is sometimes thought. Three interviews down so far, at least thirty applications sent and no offers. In my last interview I got frustratingly close, into the last six applicants for four job placements out of thirty original applicants.

I haven't really done much this weekend due to my birthday yesterday. I ordered umpteen psychology related books for my present and am really looking forward to reading through them and having some new content to learn. My criminology textbook is good, but I want a slightly larger variety of topics to learn.

I'll get back on track tomorrow after my driving lesson, those things always put me out of wack. It'll be nice once I'm done with learning that, then that'll be one less thing to do and one more skill I can do.

I have so much I need to acheive this year alone, Its difficult.

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday! Congratulations on the driving lessons, too. Maybe the way the last interview went is a clear indicator of a future trend. I hope you get a job you'll like very soon!


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