Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Febuary blues

So its a new year and I haven't updated for a while. I actually had forgotten my password by the time I went to log in again, thats how long its been.

I'm currently on job seekers allowance, I held off for a while which I really shouldn't have done but finally gave in at december. I just really didn't want to be someone on benefits. The money is measly, less than fifty pounds a week.

I'm applying for a masters at plymouth university for next setember in psychology. I hope I get in, though I'm going to need to get a loan to pay for it. It'll be worth it though as its something I really want to study. The part time masters in psychological research methods is going alright, I'm currently getting my second assignment done for march.

I have also finished the first draft of my guide book. Getting someone to read it through before I start the second draft. I am also attempting to outline my second book, a fiction book this time. Lets hope it goes well.

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