Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hunky dory

Well, today sucks. If you know me, you'd know I'm not just saying that to be an angst ridden teen, I'm 22 so don't get to use that excuse anymore.

Though seriously, I'm the kind of gal that hums 'always look on the bright side of life' to myself while drowning everyone with my optimism for the future. Its a skill, one I bear proudly.

The fact that I still have no job however is a tad disconcerting. The fact that noone has even gotten back to me about the voluntary places I have applied for is even more so. Goodness, all I want to do is do some work, whether I get paid for it or not, just something I can put on my cv!

Ok, rant over. Back to the positives, I'm continuing to apply for jobs despite the constant rejection, have a masters course I have in mind to begin shortly on a part time basis if I can bear to part with the cash and am really enjoying having the offtime to read. Currently I'm reading this excellent book called forensic and criminal psychology, just finished the chapter on terroism, interesting stuff. Did you know that before 9/11 england and wales spent only £250,000 a year on counterterrosim, now its expected to rise to about 3.5 billion by 2010! Just a bit of a jump then, we're about on the 2 billion mark now.

I'm also around half way through writing a guide book for teenagers on the autistic spectrum on how to suvive through university and I'm getting there with the driving lessons, haven't crashed yet.

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