Saturday, 11 April 2009

A step closer

My dissertation is finished, fiddly bits and all. A fair number of my peers are still running around chasing their tails but that seems to be the culture here as a student, making deadlines by the skin of your teeth appears to be a status symbol of some kind. I've never really understood why but I'll mark it as one of the many mysterys of human behaviour for now. I wonder if by paying extra attention to those that finish essays the night before it acts as a (hopefully) unconcious way to sabotage the competition by encoraging them to risk their marks further in the future and so make you look good. Or perhaps its just as simple as a act that deviates from social norm achieving more attention than everyday practices just because its that, an act deviating from social norm.

I have one more essay to finish and a heap of revision to do (next month exams start - eeek). I'm worried about exams and I'm worried about getting or lack of getting a job. We'll see, all I can do now is work my butt off.

1 comment:

  1. I was one of the guys who finished my dissertation and handed it in 2 mins before the deadline! I was in such a stressed out state that day!
    As for the worrying part.. relax! you have gotten through the hard part, just keep working and see it to the end.


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