Monday, 10 August 2009

Thirty-eight sent applications later and

nothing. Zilch, nada. Given the complete lack of jobs getting back to me I've also applied for a couple of voluntary jobs, so I have something to keep me busy, and to add to my cv. I know this is supposed to be a really bad year to graduate, but seriously, even jobs requiring no experience are turning me down.

Thinking in terms of funds, I have just about enough to cover the year long masters course I want to take part on if I use every last penny of my life savings. However, its the housing and feeding costs that are the question mark. Rent and food can use a heck of a lot of money, even for my frugal lifestyle. Not to mention, if I want to get anywhere in life I'm going to need as much working experience as I can. I've got the plus of being able to use the back up plan of my mother for support, so with all the problems I'm having I can't imagine what its like for someone without that support in this job climate.

Anyway, plus points; I'm in a stable enough position right now at home, I just finished my third driving lesson so thats going fine so far, I'm using the time to write more to the book draft and there are still a lot of pending job applications I could hear back from. I think if I didn't manage to get a job in the next month or two, but I managed some volunteer work and finished my first book draft I'd be ok with that, even with the troublesome lack of funds. So at least I've got goals in mind.

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